This all sounds great.  But how much does it cost and can I afford it? We understand that every decision you make as a small business owner can feel like a make it or break it move. Our process is based on being ultra-efficient and cost-effective to ensure you are getting maximum value for every dollar spent.

Consulting and project-based engagements vary depending on the scope and duration. For more information or to discuss the details of your needs, contact us

The majority of our retainer engagements with clients begin at $675 per week.

What does that get me?

Retainer projects include 10 hours of hands-on project work each week. Our 10 hours worked are equal to a full-time director-level marketing employee working 40 hours per week.  We don’t compromise on quantity or quality. And we track our time diligently, so you can always see what we’ve been working on and how our time is being spent each week.

Why 10 hours?

We’ve learned that small business owners only have a limited amount of time to make decisions and provide feedback/final approvals on work. Have more bandwidth and want to get more done? Depending on your needs, we can increase the number of hours we spend each week. It's typical for our engagements to increase the amount of hours as your business grows.

What are the terms for retainers?

Things happen. We get it. If something comes up and you are no longer able to work with us, we understand and include a 30-day cancellation policy in all of our retainer agreements. The 30-days are important to ensure all projects are wrapped up and transitioned over gracefully so that you can continue moving forward with your business.

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