Why Us?

We are a different kind of marketing agency. The frustration felt of having no to limited resources while working at small businesses (and even large ones for that matter!) when you want to get something done is how  L I Z M A Z Z E I  started in the first place. We understand the pressure business owners face to grow their business quickly. Translation: we're very familiar with the struggle, and we're here to help. Our priority is to make it easier for you to run your business. Helping business owners get organized and see their business grow through our marketing efforts is truly rewarding and we are grateful to have the opportunity to make a difference.

Our client's success is based on three simple core values we bring to every project:


Small business owners have not only limited resources, but most importantly, limited time.  We keep you, the business goals, and the brand organized so that messaging is clear and all projects are on-track at all times. Our project management processes create structure and order for your marketing program. This attributes to less stress and keeps our projects moving forward, saving time along the way.


Your brand is only as strong as the pattern of behavior your customers experience. Consistency is key and we hold ourselves accountable for ensuring your marketing is not only impactful but on-brand. We consider the visual and positioning aspects as well as take into consideration how your brand is being positioned digitally and by partners.


We know time is your most valuable resource. And the quicker projects are completed, the quicker we can move onto the next step in helping grow your business. Without ever sacrificing on quality, our team is ultra-efficient.

We take extreme pride in our work and are determined every day to be as detail oriented and creative as possible, laying the stepping stones and processes to market your brand.